Decentralize your signature

Sign documents using private key e-signatures without third-party interference, offering tamper-proof and escrowed e-signature capabilities

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IDsign allows users to get a non-transferable proof-of-signature NFT minted & airdropped to the party’s wallet that acts as a permanent tamper-proof log that two parties went into a legally-binding agreement together

IDsign's Dashboard

Using IDsign's Dashboard you can upload a new agreement, encrypt it, and send a signature request that is Token-Gated to the recipients only. All parties will receive a Non-Transferable Proof of Signature NFT.

Document Template Builder and A.I. Tools

We offer Subscriptions to unlock additional features and tools such as Agreement builder, Templates, and A.I. tools that can help draft simple agreements. Note that our templates are NOT in any way a replacement to any legal advice you can receive from a lawyer but only as a starting draft for common agreements publically available online as Templates.

Team Management Tools

We offer Subscriptions to unlock additional features and tools such as Org Team collaboration dashboards where companies can manage their employees, contractors, and providers and send agreements and signature requests in Batch and re-use existing agreements. Orgs can also collaborate and invite team members.

Proof-of-Signature NFT

Agreements are encrypted, split, and stored on a decentralized file storage blockchain and not on any centralized server. IDsign’s App and Protocol is a Zero-Knowledge System that allows users to store and share their confidential agreements on a decentralized file storage in a trust-less infrastructure. Only the related parties can access, download and decrypt the agreement file pdf. This ensures that Governments, Enterprises and anyone concerned that their competitive private agreement not be leaked can securely use IDsign’s Protocol.

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