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IDsign users can obtain a powerful proof-of-humanity NFT that revolutionizes the way KYC verification is conducted. With IDsign, individuals no longer need to endure repetitive KYC processes when accessing different web3 platforms

Connect wallet

WalletConnect is an open protocol for connecting decentralized applications to mobile wallets like Trustwallet or 1inch. You can click Connect Wallet on any decentralized website and choose your wallet or by scanning the QR code using walletconnect usually found in the settings page of your mobile wallet.

Complete KYC Process

IDsign offers a streamlined and secure approach to KYC verification by integrating with trusted KYC providers such as Blockpass. The process begins when a user initiates the KYC verification through the IDsign platform, which securely connects with the chosen KYC provider.

Receive a unique NFT

Once the user has received their IDsign NFT, they can conveniently utilize it across multiple web3 platforms that require KYC verification. Instead of undergoing repetitive KYC processes, users can present their IDsign NFT as proof-of-humanity, demonstrating their verified identity and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

Proof-of-Humanity NFT

Upon completing a rigorous KYC procedure, users are rewarded with a non-transferable NFT that serves as their proof-of-humanity credential. With this NFT in hand, users gain the ability to effortlessly navigate various web3 platforms that require KYC verification. By presenting their IDsign NFT, users can bypass the redundant verification steps that often plague the user experience. This groundbreaking solution saves users valuable time and effort, ensuring a smoother onboarding process across multiple platforms.

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